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Bila Vezha


The musical group "Bila Vezha", whose songs are well known among the fans of their talents, is a collective that was formed in Ukraine. The guys perform compositions in the style of rock.

Since the end of the summer of 2015, the project has participated in the 6th season of the X-Factor TV show, broadcast on STB TV channel. Having passed multiple competitive selections, the musicians began to be considered actually top-ranked, they entered the top five groups of this season of the program.

At the moment, the band has released three music collections and five songs. All these compositions of the Bila Vezha group will open the YouTube channel for you, just enter the name of the group.

The project's repertoire contains singles that are inherently extremely close to the participants themselves and the audience who listen to the group. Not all, but the majority were filmed videos entitled "What you see", "We have not forgotten", "You will grow up, son", "How to find you." The song "How to Find You" is shown on various Ukrainian radio waves, and the video for it can be watched on such TV channels as M1, M2 and A-One.

The band's videos are gaining about ten thousand views on the YouTube channel, and the total number of video views with their concerts has already significantly exceeded 700 thousand. Also, most of the musical compositions of the "bila vezha" group are downloadable on the same channel.

The guys often give solo concerts and perform at fairly large-scale events in Ukraine.

In addition, they try to make charitable contributions, for which they become participants in social projects, touring Ukrainian cities.

In 2014, in the fall, the musicians put on an extensive acoustic show. The program was so successful that it dramatically inspired the group to new records, they became even more experienced, and therefore, they did everything right. 4 months later, the project presented the newly-made acoustic show "Symphony of the World". They were also accompanied by the National Symphony Orchestra.

Because of this, the musical compositions of the group did not become less powerful and did not lose their sensuality. On the contrary, they show how lyrical the artists are, since their essence lies in love, peace and devotion to the Motherland.

The year 2016 was remembered for the project by the fact that they played their debut sold-out solo performance in the capital. Their program consisted not only of new songs, but also of already bored popular singles. In addition, at the performance, the track "Be Free" was presented, which the audience could hear at the competitive selection for Eurovision-2016.

After that, the musical band plans to go on tour in Ukraine, trying to cover the maximum number of cities.

The collective continues to work on the third collection of music, collaborating with "FDR Music". The group already in the official format presented the second song "To Be Free" on the radio in mid-spring 2016. It should be noted that the project announced that the presentation of the music video of the same name is approaching by the end of spring 2016. Almost all the musical compositions of the Bila Vezha group can be listened to online by both the fans of the group and casual listeners.

Today, the project participants are such talented people as:

· Maxim Ivaschenko.

· Evgeniy Skotsenko.

·             Sergey Ivanov.

· Yaroslav Gravitsky.

· Andrey Tomashenko.